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Karen, Alistair and Simone
Karen Hattingh, Alistair Green, Simone Bosshard

Meeting the GTCP Project Manager

Today we went to meet Karen Hattingh, the GTCP Project Manager. She gave us an overview on the history of the program, which is now in its 10th season. It was very interesting to learn about all the background work that is required to keep the program running successfully over the years. The turtle survey work is really just a small part of the whole program!

GTCP Project Manager Karen Hattingh

This year’s turtle survey season will kick off the first of November with Day Surveys. There is still a lot of work and training to be done until then. Besides survey-related training, the field team will be trained in identifying feral animal tracks and driving a 4×4 vehicle around the sandy roads.

We’re really looking forward to get onsite and meeting the new field team.

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