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Len Howard Community Group Conservation Award

The GWF was awarded with the Len Howard Group Award by the Conservation Council of Western Australia during November 2019 for its actions to protect Gnaraloo.

This award celebrates outstanding community leadership and achievement in conservation and sustainability in Western Australia. The recipient group must have been actively involved in the environmental movement for a number of years and have achieved demonstrable success in their efforts.

The award also recognises the GWF for its scientific work since 2006 in revealing and protecting previously unknown nesting rookeries of endangered sea turtles on Gnaraloo beaches in the Ningaloo Coast World Heritage Area. Previous to the GWF’s work and ongoing dedication, Gnaraloo was only known as a sheep station and surfing location. The GWF’s website is now acknowledged as a repository of invaluable information and connection on the location.

The GWF has been rewarded as a successful not-for-profit charity that works tirelessly in the interests of the Ningaloo coast, the public and conservation despite the work often being demanding and difficult. Hats were also tipped to the GWF for continuing to attract high value program partners to its work and achievements.

Len Howard Community Group Conservation Award 2019

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