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Linneys Loggerhead Turtle Necklaces
Linneys Loggerhead Turtle Necklaces

Stunning turtle necklaces inspired by loggerhead turtles

Linneys is a family owned manufacturing jeweller based in Western Australia who has been creating fine jewellery for over 50 years. For two decades, Linneys founder’s son and Creative Director, Justin Linney, has made Gnaraloo his annual destination for camping, surfing and finding inspiration from nature. This unique bond with the region has instilled in Linneys a profound passion for preserving the raw beauty of Gnaraloo, with the turtle conservation forming an important part of that preservation.

Linneys’ newly launched Coral Coastline Collection draws inspiration from the stunning coral coastline of Western Australia. Among the collection’s highlights are stunning turtle pendants, crafted in sterling silver, 18ct yellow and white Australian gold.

50% of your purchase is directly donated to the Gnaraloo Wilderness Foundation.

Loggerhead Turtle Necklace
The Making of Linneys Loggerhead Turtle Necklaces at Linneys Subiaco Workshop

Handcrafting turtles at Linneys

Justin Linney surfing at Gnaraloo

Justin Linney surfing at Gnaraloo

‘Mother Loggerhead’ 18ct gold necklace

‘Mother Loggerhead’ 18ct gold necklace

The overwhelming generosity of Linneys is beyond our dreams

The Gnaraloo Wilderness Foundation is immensely grateful for Linneys generosity and care for the natural wonders of Ningaloo.

Our focus is to conserve the unique Gnaraloo habitat where endangered female loggerhead turtles have been coming back for hundreds of years, swimming over 5,000 km, using the starry skies to navigate, with their keen eyes and magnetic sensitivities to find their ancient home on the shores of Gnaraloo Bay.

As a team of scientists, educators, marine biologists, volunteers, and concerned citizens, we monitor and protect the passageways of these amazing turtles. This place promotes legacies for our children to dream and become responsible caretakers like Justin at Linneys.
This new and refreshing partnership uplifts our campaign to assure this pristine part of the WORLD remains in harmony.

“I encourage you to invest in our partnership with these stylish, endearing, loveable turtle pendants Justin has created, connecting us in synergy with the Gnaraloo beach inspiration. I invite you to be part of the next generation dreamers.” Kat (GWF Chair)

Linneys Coral Coastline Collection

Launch of Linneys Coral Coastline Collection introducing the Loggerhead Turtle Necklace

Linneys Creative Director, Justin Linney, speaking at the launch of the Coral Coastline Collection by Linneys
The Linney Family
GWF Chair, Karen Hattingh, speaking at the launch of the Coral Coastline Collection by Linneys
Launch of the Coral Coastline Collection by Linneys
Linneys Loggerhead Turtle Necklace
Members of the GWF committee at the launch of the Coral Coastline Collection by Linneys
Linneys Loggerhead Turtle Necklace
Linneys Loggerhead Turtle Necklace

Help us protect Gnaraloo’s biodiversity and the wilderness experience for future generations

Keep Gnaraloo Wild

We deeply believe that Gnaraloo should stay as it is, wild and undeveloped, to protect its biodiversity and wilderness experience.

Be a Gnaraloo Friend

We are a not-for-profit organisation that is dedicated to the protection of Gnaraloo. Small or large, every donation helps to make a difference!

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