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Aboriginal Heritage

There are over 140 Aboriginal sites registered in the Department of Indigenous Affairs (Western Australia) within the Ningaloo area. Such areas are protected under the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972 (Western Australia) and include burial places, engravings, man-made structures, mythological and ceremonial areas, artefact scatters, grinding patches and grooves (Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts, Commonwealth, 2008).

There are registered Aboriginal Heritage burial sites along the Gnaraloo coastline, including at Gnaraloo Bay and 9Mile.

The Baiyungu people are recognized by the State Government as the traditional owners of the Gnaraloo coastline.

Sea turtle conservation in Western Australia - Gnaraloo Turtle Conservation Program
School presentation - Gnaraloo Turtle Conservation Program
Satellite tagged turtle - Gnaraloo Turtle Conservation Program
Satellite tagged turtle Baiyungu returns to the ocean with the Field Team at her back.


Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts. (2008). Australian Heritage Database, Places for Decision, Class: Natural, Ningaloo Coast National Heritage Place.

The information was compiled by Karen Hattingh, Simone Bosshard, Tessa Concannon, Tess DeSerisy, Heather Shipp and Megan Soulsby, 2017/18

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Sea turtle conservation

The Gnaraloo Turtle Conservation Program identifies, monitors and protects nesting rookeries of endangered sea turtles on the Gnaraloo beaches.

Keep Gnaraloo Wild

We deeply believe that Gnaraloo should stay as it is, wild and undeveloped, to protect its biodiversity and wilderness experience.

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