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1. We protect the landscape, associated habitats and all native flora and fauna at Gnaraloo. This includes terrestrial, coastal, marine, surface and sub-surface environments, as well as working to protect Dark Skies both within and adjacent to the Ningaloo Coast World Heritage Area, in Western Australia.

2. We support the recovery of native fauna and flora populations at Gnaraloo, including endangered sea turtles, by collaborating with scientists, researchers, government, traditional owners, community and school groups. We also undertake projects that address questions of ecological or conservation importance.

3. We engage and inform visitors so that they can understand and appreciate the Gnaraloo Wilderness Area.

4. We develop, manage and undertake communication, education and engagement programs that reach out to community groups, primary and high schools, the public, government (State and Federal), universities and sea turtle experts both in Australia and the world. We lobby to raise awareness, support for and participation in the Foundation’s work, including in sea turtle research and conservation.

5. We also undertake complementary activities to support these objectives.

ACNC Registered Charity
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