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Turtle biologists’ visit to Gnaraloo

During the last few days of 2013, we had a surprise visit from two turtle biologists who came out to Gnaraloo to find out more about our project. Dr Tony Tucker and Dr Nancy Fitzsimmons turned up in Gnaraloo for two days and we were all immensely eager to pick their brains about all things turtles.

First we gave them a presentation about our project that turned into a question/answer session where all of us relentlessly fired questions at these two experts sitting in front of us; from the life expectancy of turtles to various methods of telling a Nest from an Unsuccessful Nesting Attempt.

Turtle presentation
Giving a presentation to Tony and Nancy

That same evening, Nora and Casey went on night patrol with Tony and Nancy. It was extremely beneficial having two experts join them as lots of knowledge shared during the four turtle sightings that night. Two days later, Einat and I did our last morning patrol of 2013 with Tony and Nancy and we both gained an abundance of new turtle facts.

Turtle Track Species Indentification
Einat learning Species Indentification tips from Tony

From all of us at Gnaraloo Turtle Conservation Program, thank you to Tony and Nancy for giving us such a fantastic insight into your careers and to your turtle expertise.

Ashleigh Shelton

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