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Gnaraloo Wilderness Area

Towards greater protection of the Gnaraloo Wilderness Area

We have continued to work tirelessly during the financial year 2019/20 to protect the Gnaraloo Wilderness Area. We’re excited to share some of our achievements with you today and hope you will enjoy this newsletter.

All this work is made possible due to donations. We’re excited to let you know that your donations to the Gnaraloo Wilderness Foundation are now tax deductible! Thank you for your support.

We hope you are all doing well in these challenging times. Stay safe.

Land for Wildlife listed area

Through our support and collaboration with Rangelands NRM and the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions, Gnaraloo Station was accepted as a “Land for Wildlife” property on 12 October 2019!

Land for Wildlife is a voluntary scheme to encourage and assist private landholders to provide habitat for wildlife on their property. Read more…

Land for wildlife GWF

Len Howard Community Group Conservation Award

The GWF was awarded with the Len Howard Group Award by the Conservation Council of Western Australia during November 2019 for its actions to protect Gnaraloo.

This award celebrates outstanding community leadership and achievement in conservation and sustainability in Western Australia.

It also recognises the GWF for its scientific work since 2006 in revealing and protecting previously unknown nesting rookeries of endangered sea turtles on Gnaraloo beaches in the Ningaloo Coast World Heritage Area. Read more…

GWF - Len Howard Community Group Conservation Award

We are in this together.
Here is how you can support our work!

We have new items available in our online store! All proceeds go towards the GWF when you purchase our beautiful desktop wallpapers or our multi-award-winning documentary “The Mystery of the Gnaraloo Sea Turtles“.


Become a member of the GWF

Another great way to help us protect the Gnaraloo Wilderness Area is to become a member of the GWF for $20 a month or more, through our campaign: Be a Gnaraloo Friend. Your membership is also tax deductible!

Your generosity will help us to keep this unique and rare piece of Australian wilderness untouched.

Be a Gnaraloo Friend

We’re incredibly grateful to everyone who supports the work of the GWF.

We would like to especially thank Cate, Cara, Karen and Adam who donated all the sale proceeds of their own organic surf wax to the GWF during their holidays at 3Mile Camp at Gnaraloo Station. A massive thank you to this family for helping us out!

Every bit of generosity helps to continue our efforts to #KeepGnaralooWild.

3 Mile Camp turtle

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