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Turtles under threat from 4WD traffic at Gnaraloo

Turtles under threat from uncontrolled tourism on the Gnaraloo Coast

Gnaraloo is a wild, beautiful place that is also nesting grounds for endangered Loggerhead and Green sea turtles. Gnaraloo’s white sandy beaches and crystal blue waters offer turtles the perfect spot for foraging, resting, mating and nesting. But during 2020, due to increased tourism, the beaches and dunes of Gnaraloo have become subject to uncontrolled tourism that has never happened before.

What was once a safe place for turtles and their nests is at risk should this continue. Please help us to protect the Gnaraloo turtles by keeping all vehicles off the beach and dunes to Keep Gnaraloo Wild.



The dunes of Gnaraloo are always moving and shifting; hills of rolling sands. These dunes were almost completely untouched by tourism until last year. These pristine dunes with their important heritage history, which we need for our story-telling and sense of belonging, now have some scars because of 4W driving by some people which will remain there for a long time and won’t just ‘blow over’.

1. Gnaraloo Bay – 4WD track | 2. Gnaraloo Bay – Loggerhead turtle track

On-ground management of the Ningaloo Coast is failing to adequately protect the area in this beautiful World Heritage and National Heritage Listed Area.

Illegal camping is a new threat as is 4WD traffic during the sea turtle nesting season on previously pristine beaches and dunes as well as fishing in marine sanctuary zones.

Undisturbed by coastal development and light pollution, the Gnaraloo beaches are the perfect nesting grounds for endangered turtles that migrate here from thousands of kilometers away. Because there is no light pollution at Gnaraloo, females lay their eggs undisturbed and hatchlings can easily find their way to the ocean to start their new adventures away from home. Let’s keep off these important areas and keep the Gnaraloo beaches and dunes free from vehicles to Keep Gnaraloo Wild.

The GWF has made formal submissions about the issue to the State of Western Australia, to the Australian Government and to other bodies. We need your support on this issue to help get something done to stop the damage.

What can you do to help?

If you want to help, you can do something real:

– Share our videos and posts about what is happening to this pristine place.

– Express your concern to the West Australian Government and to the Australian Government, via:

• The Hon. Benjamin Wyatt MLA, Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Lands

• The Nyinggulu (Ningaloo) Joint Management Body (JMB)
c/o Parks and Wildlife Service – Exmouth District

Members of Parliament in Western Australian Government

Members of Parliament in Federal Australian Government


The GWF is the lead NGO for Gnaraloo with a long established reputation, presence and scientific knowledge of the location. We can only do as much for Gnaraloo as our resources allow. You can support action by the GWF by:

– Supporting us, at the cost of a coffee a week, through the “Be A Gnaraloo Friend” subscription.

– Donating here. All donations are tax deductible.

– Signing up for our newsletters here.

– Watching our documentary here.

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