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Sea Turtle Tracks

The first time’s the charm

The first nine days of surveys started with the same routine: wake up, eat breakfast, avoid kangaroos along the drive to Gnaraloo Bay, survey the beach and return home, all…

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Gnaraloo Emus

Let There Be Spring

Springtime lives in all of our hearts as the time of year when all of the females swoon over baby animals and men tense up their muscles and say things…

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Spotlighting At Gnaraloo Station


After we had spent most of the work day learning about feral animal tracks and 4-wheel drive training, the other Interns and I topped it off by joining Mike Butcher,…

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Feral Training

APMS Training Field Diary

Gnaraloo feral animal control started at Gnaraloo in 2009, when a calculated 1,100 foxes were predating our sea turtle hatchlings and other native species. Karen Hattingh (GTCP Program Manager), Paul…

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Project Vehicle

4WD Training Field Diary

PART 1 Day four on the project saw us starting our four-wheel drive (4WD) training. None of the roads around Gnaraloo Station are sealed and much of the beach we…

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Team Jump

First few days in Gnaraloo

Our first few days here in Gnaraloo have been exciting, long, hectic, interesting, intense and full of laughs. In the breaks of our training program, we have been busy settling…

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Gnaraloo Sunset

The road to Gnaraloo

Maybe I should have asked more questions before I arrived here. The entirety of my last week in America was blasted with questions about what kind of experiences I would…

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