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Loggerhead hatchling

An Introduction to GTCP Season 2015/16 Staff + Support Crew

Since the inception of the Gnaraloo Turtle Conservation Program, it has grown from strength to strength and it wouldn’t have been possible without a few individuals behind the scenes and on ground ensuring everything goes (mostly) to plan throughout the season, and beyond.

This is our GTCP Season 2015/16 staff + support team:

Paul Richardson
Owner of the Gnaraloo pastoral lease, Paul Richardson has been supporting the Gnaraloo Turtle Conservation Program and all other environmental initiatives at Gnaraloo through the Gnaraloo Station Trust. Paul will be onsite throughout the season as always.

Karen Hattingh
Gnaraloo Environmental Advisor and known around Gnaraloo as the turtle mama, Karen is with us again this season as the GTCP Project Manager, as she has been since the beginning. The amount of work turtle mama puts in to this project is massive and we’re lucky to have her with us again this season. Karen will be primarily lending support and guidance from the Gnaraloo Regional Office in Bunbury.

Colleen Mason
Homestead Manager extraordinaire Colleen Mason will be no stranger to frequent guests at Gnaraloo. She ensures everyone is fed and watered, has somewhere to sleep and keeps Paul on his toes. Col is an important member of the GTCP team as she handles our school bookings, is often the first port of call when it comes to anything Gnaraloo and is always there to have a chat.

Barb Gadomski
Barb will be assisting the GTCP team from Perth with bookings, organising budgets and a variety of other jobs which keep the program running smoothly.

Andrew Greenley
Andrew will be assisting again this season, his 4th season with the program! Andrew G as he is now fondly called, undertook the GTCP1213 season as an intern and has returned in subsequent seasons to train new interns and assist the program where necessary. He’s always been there to lend a hand and we’re grateful to have him on-board for training again this season.

And myself, Careena Crossman
Previously Team Leader and GIS Analyst for Season 2012/13, I also undertook a season with Care for Hedland Environmental Association as the Evening Program Coordinator for the 2013/14 Flatback (Natator depressus) nesting season in Port Hedland before embarking on a 14 month around the world trip. Since returning home March this year I’ve been working closely with GTCP Project Manager Karen to get everything ready for this season. I’ll be onsite early in the season assisting with the training aspect along with my partner in GTCP1213 crime, Mr. Andrew Greenley. I’m very excited to be back with the GTCP and looking forward to being part of the program’s future.

Stay tuned as an intro to our new Program Assistant for GTCP Season 2015/16 is still to come this week!

Andrew – Perth
Careena – Port Hedland
Karen and Paul with their wetsuits
Karen and Paul – Gnaraloo Bay
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