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GTCP scientific field team 2015/16 - Gnaraloo Turtle Conservation Program

Bringing sea turtle conservation to the global classroom

Successful conservation is dependent on the translation of science into creative and effective forms of management – a model made possible by public awareness. A meaningful part of the work that we do is reaching out to school groups, involving the community in our research, and spreading the message of conservation. Each year, the GTCP Field Teams present to thousands of students in classrooms throughout Western Australia, spanning from Gnaraloo to south of Perth.

Now, in partnership with Microsoft Education, we have the opportunity to engage the globe in sea turtle biology and conservation – even presenting to students in places where real-time marine science research may seem abstract or out-of-reach. So far we have given virtual presentations to eight and nine year-old students at Northstar Elementary in Knoxville, Iowa, USA and 16 to 18 year-olds at Lizardi BHI in Zarautz, Spain.

Skype in the Classroom - Sea turtle presentation by Gnaraloo Turtle Conservation Program
Kimberly presenting to students 14,000 km away in Spain (photo courtesy of Lizardi BHI)

The actions of an individual do have an impact on local environments, the ocean, and the world. Similarly, one person or one group of students can inspire positive change. By sharing our passion for sea turtles and marine conservation with an international audience, we hope to spark a connection between students and the ocean. People will protect what they love!

Thanks to the American and Spanish schools for inviting us into their classrooms! We’re looking forward to presenting to students in India at the end of this week. Check out our Skype in the Classroom profile to schedule a Turtle Talk in your community.

– Kimberly Nielsen (GTCP 2015/16 Scientific Intern)

Skype in the classroom

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