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Gnaraloo Wilderness Foundation

The Gnaraloo Wilderness Foundation Inc.

We are evolving our conservation efforts at Gnaraloo.

For over a decade, the Gnaraloo pastoral leaseholder, Paul Richardson, Gnaraloo’s Environmental Advisor, Karen Hattingh, Gnaraloo staff, the scientific turtle field research teams 2008/09 – 2015/16, sponsors, partner companies, contractors, mentors and supporters have worked incredibly hard to care for Gnaraloo, its coast, lands and the numerous species that live there. This unique and precious remaining remnant of Australian wilderness delight thousands of visitors who come to enjoy and appreciate its beauty, isolation, silence, surf breaks, dark skies, stars and nature.

Beyond its endangered and threatened sea turtles, Gnaraloo is home to hundreds of bird species many of which are protected under Australian and international treaties, coral reef and lagoon with an amazing array of marine life and other terrestrial animal and plant life.

The Gnaraloo Wilderness Foundation Inc. was approved as a not-for-profit incorporated association in Western Australia on 12 January 2016. A fantastic achievement for a small program in a remote location. We are grateful for everyone who has contributed to the creation of this association and the various environmental programs at Gnaraloo, particularly to those who have been involved in the process over the past decade since 2006.

About the Gnaraloo Wilderness Foundation:

• Our mission is to ‘Keep Gnaraloo Wild’.

• Our goal is to conserve the terrestrial and marine wilderness, landscape and habitat at Gnaraloo for future generations and for all the surface and sub-surface species to which it is home.

A full list of our objectives can be found in our charter.

We are asking that you help us to conserve the rare unspoilt wilderness at Gnaraloo and, in the process, protect the endangered and threatened species and other wild-and-plant life on its lands and in its waters.

We will post updates on activities of the Gnaraloo Wilderness Foundation and opportunities for anyone to become involved, including on how you can become a member of the foundation or donate to it to support our ongoing work.
Please continue to check our webiste, facebook, twitter and instagram.

Careena Crossman, GTCP Consultant 2015/16

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