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Gnaraloo scenery

Get to know our new turtles

Meet the new field team appointed for the 2013/14 season of the Gnaraloo Turtle Conservation Program. Day Surveys officially started today and these guys will be out here everyday for the next 4 months!

My Fellow Homies, I officially go by Nora, but sometimes I like to whip out my alter ego and only respond when called Fiona. I’m the Technical work stream Intern for the Gnaraloo Turtle Conservation Program season 2013/14. I lived in the States prior to moving out to the wild wild west, also the land of the 9 most poisonous creatures, or more formally known as good old Aussie. I attended Dickinson College, in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, where I studied Neuroscience and Biology until graduation in 2012. My original interest in sea turtles was sparked about 3 years ago when I spontaneously packed my bags and headed down to Costa Rica to volunteer at turtle conservation. During my time there, I unfortunately only encountered one nesting event. However, it was by far more magical than I had ever dreamed. I knew that I wanted and needed to experience working with turtles again and for a longer duration. So, here I am, sitting in a log cabin that is skillfully built into the side of an enormous cliff, looking off at the ocean that could not be a more perfect blue, only to be occasionally disturbed by the passing of migrating whales. As if the scene wasn’t surreal enough, the cloudless sky, painted with a slightly lighter shade of blue, is artistically complemented by the beaming sun in the horizon. Its only Day 2, but I cannot sit still knowing that there are hundreds of turtles just waiting for the perfect night to be swept out to shore to carefully lay their eggs with only promising hopes.

My name is Brendan Slade, from Melbourne, Victoria. I am the Data QA/QC work stream Intern for the Gnaraloo Turtle Conservation Program season 2013/14. In 2010 I finished my Bachelor of Science at the University of Melbourne. I then enrolled in a Masters of Zoology where I did research on the behavior, genetics and fitness of field mice in captivity. Meanwhile I started picking up every volunteer research activity I could and got the chance to work with kangaroos, wallabies, bats, skinks, crickets, moths and fairy wrens. Best of all I got to do little penguin tour guides on St. Kilda pier. After graduating my masters in 2012, I then spent 3 months volunteering in Paraguay doing surveys of wild Capuchin monkeys in the rapidly dwindling Atlantic forest. I then spent most of 2013 saving up enough money to go out into the field again. I applied for this volunteer internship for the chance to help save some of our most awesome endangered species; the sea turtles.

Hey from Casey, the new GTCP program assistant. I’ll begin by saying hello and introducing myself with a little background. I hail from Dampier, Western Australia (yes, red dog country) where I began my passion in Marine Biology. To cut a long story short, I completed a degree after completing many years in the field.


Shalom everyone, my name is Einat Daniel from Jerusalem, Israel. I’m the Community work stream Intern for the Gnaraloo Turtle Conservation Program season 2013/14. After 3 years of serving in the army, I took a trip to New Zealand and exposed myself to the wonders of the Far East. Unfortunately, due to time limitations and lack of funding, I didn’t make it to Australia, but since then I knew that one day I will come back East to explore this great country. I graduated with a Bachelor degree in Environmental studies and Biology and last year I finished my M.Sc. in Plant science in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. During this time I worked as a Biology Instructor for high school students at the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo. My studies have made me fall in love with marine biology and the marine life. Working in the lab enclosed behind 4 walls for three years caused me to miss field work and wild nature, so I decided it’s time to wander east again. Working with sea turtles seems to be the perfect fit for my desires and I’m so excited to take part in the conservation efforts of these amazing creatures.

My name is Ash and I’m the GIS work stream Intern for the Gnaraloo Turtle Conservation Program season 2013/14. I had a nice short journey to Gnaraloo from Perth. In June 2013 I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and Arts from the University of Western Australia. I have some experience working as a marine scientist at a consulting company in Perth during my last year at uni. During my time there I learnt about coral and coral ID, people management and data input and QA/QC. I love animals and conservation, and getting away from the big smoke to live out in the middle of nowhere in Western Australia has always been on my bucket list so coming out to Gnaraloo sounded like the perfect experience.

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