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Gnaraloo Cape Farquhar Remains Exposed With World Heritage Values Being Lost

Get a tax deduction and help the Gnaraloo Wilderness Area too!

Gnaraloo Cape Farquhar remains exposed with World Heritage values being lost.

The Farquhar area is an important location at Gnaraloo with high heritage values which continue to be damaged by uncontrolled tourism. Farquhar also includes important loggerhead sea turtle nesting beaches which, along with the loggerhead rookeries at Gnaraloo Bay, deserve sanctuary recognition.

Help our work to protect Farquhar and to create loggerhead turtle nesting sanctuaries at Gnaraloo!

Work by Deloitte Access Economics values the contribution of the Ningaloo Coast to Western Australia at more than $110 Million during 2020. Ningaloo is estimated to have supported more than 1,000 full time jobs in 2018-19, with employment concentrated in tourism-related industries.

Charities like the GWF have not received any help from Government due to the financial impacts on it associated with the pandemic. The GWF fulfills an important function as an advocate for the Gnaraloo Wilderness Area when management by the authorities is not sufficient or too late to meet the public’s visitation demands on the heritage values of Gnaraloo.

Gnaraloo needs support from more people like you to spread the message for the need to now protect the Gnaraloo Wilderness Area. Can you help?

Listen to the Radio interview with the GWF’s Chair

VIDEO: Protect our coastline and turtles by not driving on the beaches
Special mention and thanks to our video partners and field teams: Deanna Corrieri, Karen Hattingh of Rainbird Consult, Dr. Ben Fitzpatrick of Oceanwise Australia, Andrew Davenport, Jason Dickie, David and Michelle Davenport, Anne Butchermann and Tobias Kolpie.

How can you help?

Thanks to people like you, we will continue to call for Gnaraloo’s protection. All your donations to the Gnaraloo Wilderness Foundation are tax deductible.

Help Gnaraloo through a financial membership and receive beautiful rewards!

Various professionals support our work at greatly subsidised rates. Pay one of these invoices before 30 June 2021 and get a substantial tax deduction in return!

Speak or write to your local Member of Parliament to express your concerns about the damage to the heritage values of the Gnaraloo Cape Farquhar Area and call for urgent action to stop this.

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