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Sunrise at Gnaraloo

Field work completed

Today, 28 February 2013, marked the windup of the Day Survey component of the Gnaraloo Turtle Conservation Program which began on 2 November 2012. Throughout this time we observed a variety of turtle nesting activities. Our favourite female we nicknamed ‘The Wanderer” who liked taking long strolls, meandering through the dunes. The photo attached shows one of her adventures.

Although nesting activities slowed over the past few weeks, we continued the Day Surveys in order to monitor environmental impacts on Sampled Nests. During this time we had the opportunity to see newly emerged hatchlings (they are SO CUTE), as they ventured to the great unknown.

Even though our surveys have been completed, there is still plenty of work to do at Gnaraloo Station. Over the next 10 days, the team will be commencing clean up duties, including removal of Sampled Nest stakes, cleaning the turtle wagon and conducting inventory of equipment for next season. It’s particularly important for us to leave no evidence of our research activities at Gnaraloo Bay Rookery, leaving only our footprints behind.

Now that we have collected all necessary data, we can begin data analysis for Gnaraloo Bay Rookery. Before we head home, we may actually miss getting up before sunrise to walk 7 kms and will probably end up going crazy sitting inside all day. We may have to get Dani an inflatable pool so she can have her daily swim.

For now though, we will put down our clipboards and pick up our brooms to start our cleanup.

Andrew, Careena and Dani

Sea turtle track
‘The Wanderer!’
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