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Golden Ghost Crabs

Biology teacher from Aquinas College visits Gnaraloo

Hey guys,

We welcomed Brendan Goggins, a Biology teacher from Aquinas College and his family to Gnaraloo from 10 January to 14 January 2013. Brendan was here as a reconnaissance for Aquinas College students to have a field trip and participate with the turtle conservation program over the coming years. As Cyclone Narelle was expected they were a little hesitant about the weather, however Cyclone Narelle remained offshore. They received a preview of our school presentation during which they kept interrupting as they had so many questions, due to prior knowledge about turtles from living in Queensland. The following windy morning they accompanied us on the Day Survey, where the questions continued. Brendan was particularly concerned with the population density of Golden Ghost Crabs (Ocypode convexa) predating the turtle nests. His sons were also quite interested, as one asked where the eggs would be laid if storm surges from the cyclone produced steep embankments along the dune front? Do any of our followers know the answer?

It was an absolute pleasure to have Brendan and his family participate in our program. We hope to see more Aquinas College students and staff involved with GTCP in the future.


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