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Drive more Gnaraloo loggerhead research outputs

Your support could enable us to do more for the Gnaraloo loggerhead sea turtles, including releasing more peer reviewed papers on the unique, but mostly unpublished, 10 year data sets for the Southern Ningaloo Coast World Heritage Area by the historic Gnaraloo Turtle Conservation Program. Many data gaps exist for Southern Ningaloo and it is frustrating to have high quality research available that have not yet been publicly shared via further required scientific reports and papers.
To enable the GWF to work on this and its other ambitious goals, we are now launching a “$1,000 by a 100” crowd fundraiser in Australia and worldwide.
Together with you, we will be able to do the required outstanding work to address the data gaps left remaining, and the essential work left undone by more traditional funding sources, such as relying on Government grants, which create enormous pressure on charities when they remain unavailable. We simply cannot do our job without your help. Please dig deep and make a real contribution to science, Gnaraloo and Southern Ningaloo.

We acknowledge Gnaraloo Station for its ground breaking work during 2006 – 2015 for the Gnaraloo sea turtles and for its continued support to the GWF. We celebrate it for being the first contributor under the GWF’s “$1,000 by a 100” crowd fundraiser.

We thank the Sharon Firth Wildlife Conservation Fund for helping us to make this fundraising initiative possible and we are grateful to Tricon for its generous donations under the “$1,000 by a 100” fundraiser.


You CAN influence the protection outcomes for the Southern Ningaloo Coast World Heritage Area, especially at Gnaraloo. Since 2018, Gnaraloo’s conservation interests have continued to be mostly shouldered by the GWF, a small group of committed people who, despite limited resources, have persistently and without fail, acted at great cost to advocate for better protection of the whole of Gnaraloo’s unique habitats and profound heritage values.

Gnaraloo is an Australian and world asset & it, as well as the people who love it and the animals who live here and depend on it for their habitat, deserve more. We ask that you step aboard to add your weight and resources to Gnaraloo’s safe keeping and longevity as a true wilderness tourism location and to protect it as a WILD PLACE.

Some of our research at the Gnaraloo Bay Rookery has been published in the The Chelonian Conservation and Biology – an international scientific peer-reviewed journal of turtle and tortoise research.
For other interesting papers and detailed scientific reports so far, please visit our the Reports and Papers section on our website.

By supporting the Gnaraloo Wilderness Foundation (a non-profit charity), you will also reduce your tax liabilities. All your donations are tax deductible in Australia.

Other ways you can help our work at Gnaraloo

Help Gnaraloo through through an affordable financial subscription at the cost of only one take-away coffee a week! All membership fees are tax deductible too.

Various professionals support our work at greatly subsidised rates. Pay one of these invoices and get a substantial tax deduction in return!

READ the GWF’s “Notice of harm to Aboriginal and environmental heritage values at Gnaraloo Cape Farquhar, Southern Ningaloo Coast, National and World Heritage Area” (January 2021) here. The track was opened by the Shire of Carnarvon on 1 December 2020 and this serious matter has still not been resolved as at May 2023. The Farquhar turtles are in harm’s way, with 4WDriving, illegal beach camping and fishing occurring during the turtle nesting season (November to May) for the third consecutive year of damage.

Speak or write to your local Member of Parliament to express your concerns about the damage being done to the Gnaraloo coastline, its turtle nesting areas as well as to the heritage values of the Gnaraloo Cape Farquhar Area and press them for better resourcing and action to stop this.

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