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Turtle Friend

Celebrating 10 years of sea turtle conservation at Gnaraloo

It’s a bitter sweet victory.

On one hand we’re proud to announce that after a decade of surveys and dedicated work by our scientists, program supporters and passionate nature lovers the Gnaraloo Turtle Conservation Program (GTCP) has delivered a 10-year, full-season, nesting baseline of endangered sea turtles at Gnaraloo!

At the same time we’re devastated to reveal that there is no funding to continue our valuable turtle research and feral animal monitoring program. This includes private or public sources (such as the Gnaraloo Station Trust or co-investment grants from Government).

Without our conservation program,

• The 30-year consecutive baseline data set of nesting by loggerhead sea turtles in the Gnaraloo Bay Rookery Survey Area will be broken and lost.

• GTCP research field teams will no longer patrol the beaches and rescue stranded female sea turtles and hatchlings during the nesting season.

• There will be no monitoring of feral animal impact on turtle nests in the Gnaraloo rookeries during the nesting season. Should fox predation return to the high levels at Gnaraloo prior to 2008, we will not be there to observe and report on this so that adaptive feral animal control may take place as happened when the Gnaraloo Wilderness Foundation (GWF) and its partner, Animal Pest Management Services, did this work.

We’re not giving up!

We would like to continue our work on satellite tagging and flipper tagging of the Gnaraloo sea turtles during 2018/19 and beyond. The program is lean and efficiently run. So we’re calling on turtle friends like you to chip in for endangered species and keep the GWF turtle monitoring program and endangered sea turtles alive.

A decade’s commitment to saving endangered sea turtles

Check out our key achievements in the poster below and read the executive summary of our report which reveals our findings during the season 2017/18 and the previous decade. You’ll see how our research and programs have uncovered vital details about the turtles that nest at Gnaraloo, their species, their numbers, and even their migration paths thanks to our satellite tracking.

Don’t let this work go to waste. BE A TURTLE FRIEND


Gnaraloo Turtle Conservation Program - 10 Year Infographic Poster

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