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Tyre change
GTCP Research Interns Mel and Nick mastering the skill of changing the tyres on the turtle wagon!

4WD Adventure Time!

Today we had the opportunity to have Allan Allitt from Daysafe Training teach the 2015/16 GTCP team how to properly operate and maintain 4WD vehicles! Here at Gnaraloo, the terrain is quite rough so the chances of getting bogged in thick sand, or having a flat tire, are quite high.This season’s team, however, has been doing very well in avoiding both so far!

The day was divided into two sessions – a morning in-class session and an afternoon practical session. Allan gave a morning presentation on general 4WD information and briefed the team on how to adjust tyre pressure to suit different terrains, how to maintain and properly care for the vehicle,what steps should be taken when planning and maneuvering through different types of terrain, and how to get out of difficult situations. The group was then examined on what they learnt that morning.

Afterwards, it was time to do some practical training! We reviewed on how to change tyres on the turtle wagon which was a great chance for some of us to refresh our memories, as well as gain a new and useful skill. Following the tyre change practical, the team headed off in the turtle wagon in search for a steep hill to practice our stall recovery. This involved ascending a steep sandy slope, stalling, and attempting to reverse down the slope safely. Lastly, we practiced on getting ourselves out of a bogging situation by using bog mats. In the end, we all managed to successfully complete the exhilarating practicals in as graceful manner as possible.

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