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Angels wanted: support us and help to Keep Gnaraloo Wild

If you would like to become a supporter of the Gnaraloo Wilderness Foundation, we’d love to hear from you!

We need to equip our scientists to undertake our sea turtle research and conservation programs and our community education program. We are seeking your support in the form of direct funding or product donation (new or second-hand) to achieve our objectives. Perhaps you have a product or equipment, that we could use? If you can provide any of this equipment, your help will be gratefully received! Check out our list below for needed items.


Scientific Field Teams

Project 4WD vehicles x2 Essential for our survey work to get to the turtle nesting beaches
GPS devices x 5 Essential for precisely recording the location of turtle nests
Radios x 5 Hand-held long-range radios
Headlights x 5 With red light capability as white lights disturb and scare turtles
Field laptops x6 (new or late model) suited to remote field work
First aid kits x 6 One per scientist and one in the vehicle
Sunscreen x 6 Essential for our remote work
Digital cameras x 5 For our scientists to photograph and log their work
Projectors x 3 For community presentations and corporate presentations
Field stationery pack Pens, batteries, note pads, tape measures, drink bottle
Petrol/Running costs Eight months’ vehicle maintenance costs and fuel
Accommodation Five months for our field staff based at Gnaraloo
Food Eight months of groceries to support our field staff
Interns x 4 Sponsor an intern to our program $7,000 per year

Program management

Office rental Gnaraloo Wilderness Foundation $7,500 per year
Printing Field Reports, data sheets, brochures and posters $3,000
Microsoft Office 365 licences x 6 An annual subscription

Education and community outreach program

Mobilisation Food and accommodation for 4 months for our field staff travelling in WA
Online presence Website maintenance $5,000 per year

Help sea turtle monitoring in Western Australia
GTCP field scientist
Support the Gnaraloo turtles

What’s in it for you?

Experience the thrill of seeing a turtle!
Accompany our researchers during their turtle survey work at Gnaraloo.

Demonstrate ethical corporate citizenship and inter-generational responsibility
Your family or company will be acknowledged in our reports, promotional material, website and social media platforms. Our Facebook page has thousands of followers. We receive considerable media attention and we will acknowledge major supporters at every opportunity.

Meet the team
We are available to give engaging presentations at your workplace.

You tell us!
We would consider any other requirements you need to make your sponsorship more valuable.

Yes, I can help!

To donate goods or equipment, email us to arrange delivery and public acknowledgement of your donation.

To donate money, identify the item you are contributing towards, let us know about it by email and make your donation here.

I can do more.

To be a major supporter of a particular aspect of our work, e.g. flipper tagging, satellite tracking or the schools education program in Western Australia or elsewhere and be acknowledged in our reports and media coverage, please contact our Principal Scientific Officer, Karen Hattingh.

Together we can make a difference - Gnaraloo Wilderness Foundation - Sea turtle conservation in Western Australia

Donate a marine conservation centre to be named in your honour

What’s involved?
We’re asking for a bequeath or contributions towards $350,000 to create a GWF Turtle, Nature and Social History Display Centre at Gnaraloo.

What’s in it for you?
• Create a legacy and eternal recognition through inclusion of your name in the centre.
• Knowing that your centre will help educate people on the fragile ecosystems at Gnaraloo
within the Ningaloo Coast World Heritage Area
• Knowing that the centre will strengthen connections with the land and the sharing of knowledge.

Other ways you can help

Join today and you can help to Keep Gnaraloo Wild.

Sponsor a sea turtle and help to protect loggerheads.

Follow the Gnaraloo Wilderness Foundation.

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