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Name a sea turtle and help save the entire species

A single donation of $10,000 will enable our scientists to buy and install a tracker, pay for the satellite company to filter the data and to update our free Turtle Tracker App, available on Apple and Android phones. Our scientific team will then be able to analyse the data and learn more about the migration trends of loggerhead females nesting at Gnaraloo in order to protect them.

To sponsor your turtle, contact our Head Scientific Officer & Project Manager, Karen Hattingh.

What’s in it for you?

• You can name the turtle after yourself or your business and use it to promote your company if you wish.
• You’ll have the fun of watching your turtle’s fascinating sea journey on our free Turtle Tracker App.
• We’ll put your logo on our website and recognise you as a program sponsor.
• You’ll be welcome to accompany our researchers during their turtle survey work at Gnaraloo.
• And you’ll know that your generosity helped conserve endangered sea turtles for future generations.


Other ways you can help

Together, we can make a difference.

Join today and you could help Keep Gnaraloo Wild.

Become a supporter of the Foundation.

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