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Vehicle induction

Vehicle induction by Feral, the mechanic

Kimmie, Fiona, Bobby and I received a thorough formal induction in the operation and ongoing care of station vehicles (including the beloved Turtle Wagon) in the extreme outback conditions at Gnaraloo, including 4Wheel driving if the unsealed tracks becomes soft or sticky, by Gnaraloo’s full time mechanic, Feral.

Feral: Most people think they know and can handle the basics, based on their city driving experience, but they are often completely unaware of and not always experienced in the operation of vehicles and equipment under Gnaraloo’s varying conditions. It’s always wise to ask and confirm what are the best protocols for ensuring that you remain safe and that you are not overly hard on the station vehicles that other Gnaraloo staff rely on too for various essential daily tasks, including pastoral operations, maintenance jobs and possible emergencies. Your life may depend on it if the vehicle breaks down or becomes bogged in a very remote location on Gnaraloo in extreme heat, especially if the problems could have been avoided had you checked the oil, water, tyres and repair equipment before you left the Homestead area!

I agree with Feral as Gnaraloo wants to have happy live Turtles who exit the program at the end of the season during February 2012!

Cheers, Karen

Vehicle induction

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