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Gnaraloo Bay

Gnaraloo staff become honorary calm officers

Gnaraloo staff successfully underwent an Honorary CALM Officer Law enforcement training course by the Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) during August 2010.  This involved 2 days of intensive training and assessment in Exmouth during which time Gnaraloo staff members, Ms. Marnie Bartley and Mr. David Turner (also known as Feral), were introduced to the Conservation and Land Management (CALM) Act 1984.  Other attendees included Quobba Station, Warroora Station, Giralia Station and Bayview Coral Bay.

Renea Gibbs, a Wildlife Officer of DEC Exmouth District travelled to Gnaraloo during May 2011 to issue Marnie and Feral with their official authority and identification cards.  These authorities are issued under the CALM Act 1984.

This certification will help Gnaraloo to better look after the environment. Things are starting to get busier now with the winter crew arriving and we have already had a few incidents with illegal campers, camp fires and littering’, Marnie said.

Feral said that it gave him a great excuse to drive around Gnaraloo at night making sure that guests are doing the right thing by the coast.

This authority is in addition to powers that Gnaraloo already have over the pastoral lease in relation to illegal camping and trespass on areas not managed by DEC.  The added authority gives Gnaraloo the power to require a person to leave CALM land and waters, provide their personal details, vacate a camp site, extinguish a camp fire, remove litter, remove an animal from CALM land and cease behaviour that is unlawful, causing disturbance or annoyance, disorderly, offensive or dangerous.

Gnaraloo supports wise and responsible use and enjoyment of the environment. For information on Gnaraloo’s approach to management, please see the Gnaraloo Ethos.

Accommodation at Gnaraloo is available at 3Mile Camp and the Homestead.  Camping is not allowed anywhere outside these areas. For bookings, please call 08 9315 4809 (Perth), 08 9948 5000 (3Mile) or 08 9942 5927 (Homestead).


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