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Sea turtle community presentation

First GTCP 2016/17 Day Survey with Guests!

This morning we, the GTCP 2016/17 team, had our first guests to join us on our Day Survey. Our five guests were Alex Richardson, Norma Richardson, Mark Richardson, Tanya Day and Colin Westerberg. Before we could take them on a survey we had to give them a presentation the evening before. Uuuhh, we were excited to give our first official presentation to others beside us! But Myyy was I (Sophia) a bit nervous to give that first presentation. Luckily our guests were a lovely crowd and I had all the support from the team too. Once all the forms were signed off and instructions given, the guests were ready for an early start, the following morning, meeting at 4:40am. Not for everyone’s liking but we guarantee a very pleasant experience.

In two teams, we took them for a 7km walk along Gnaraloo Bay Rookery. They enjoyed the walk in the sunrise along the pristine Gnaraloo beach. Unfortunately, we weren’t lucky to encounter any turtle tracks or new nest activities, but we haven’t been lucky ourselves since day 1 of surveys. All in all, our guests were happy to have had the beautiful walk with us and we enjoyed their company too; sharing our crazy life stories and experiences. Well done to you all for completing the walk. And thank you so much for joining and helping us with our work for the GTCP season 2016/17! Hope to see you again at Gnaraloo Station!

Sophia Dahl

Morning at the bay
Early start to the day, the scientific interns and the guests are ready for a walk down Gnaraloo Bay Rookery (Photo by Imogen Webster)
GTCP team with guests
First group of community participants with the program at the Gnaraloo Homestead area (Photo by Skip Green)
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