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Gnaraloo Bay Study

Congratulations to ex turtle for winning Antarctica position

One of our Turtles from the season immediately past, Matt Boureau, has successfully applied and been awarded a position as a paid biologist with the French Polar Institute to be part of a research project on penguins in Adelie Land in Antarctica for 12 months. The polar mission departs in November 2011.

To be able to apply for the position, applicants had to have a Masters degree (Msc in Biology, Ecology or other relevant field), strong field experience, capacity to adapt, knowledge of how to work with a team, ability to take initiatives, develop protocols and be organised. Applications were limited to French citizens and those under 29 years old.

Matt’s experience with the GTCP during 2010/11 strengthened his knowledge and skills in all these areas, professionally and personally, as well as further training and developing him (remember the editing process of the final report in Geraldton during the relentlessly hot summer, Matt?!). Hopefully this work, together with his previous wide project experience, helped him to win the very competitive research position with the French Polar Institute.

Matt will post an update on his new position, but in the mean time, we wish him the best in his upcoming work on the cold continent! From one extreme to the other, the desert to the freezing cold!

Cheers, Mama

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