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Help us protect the Gnaraloo Wilderness Area

Volunteers can help us with important work and by doing so contribute to our objectives of research, education and conservation. At the moment, we are seeking persons to help us with the following:

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY – Electronic scanning of datasheets from 2008 – 2017 to protect the handwritten data.
This would suit a person(s) in Bunbury or Perth in Western Australia.
You would need your own computer, scanner and Microsoft Word software.

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY – Translation of our documentary “The Mystery of the Gnaraloo Sea Turtles”
This would suit a person fluent in English with excellent writing skills in another language (Spanish / German / Chinese…)
You would need your own computer and Aegisub software.

To volunteer, please contact us here.
We are very grateful for the contribution that all our volunteers make. Thank you for supporting our vital work.

Date Sheet
Volunteer with sea turtle conservation

Other ways you can help

Join today and you could help Keep Gnaraloo Wild.

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