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  Gnaraloo Turtle Conservation Brochure

Gnaraloo Wilderness Foundation brochure

Marloo’s Journey

Marloo's Journey

  Turtle Tracker App

Turtle Tracker App

Discover the amazing sea journeys of endangered loggerhead turtles who have been tagged with satellite trackers after nesting at the Gnaraloo Bay Rookery.

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Documentary: The Mystery of the Gnaraloo Sea Turtles

A breakthrough documentary made at Gnaraloo about the Gnaraloo Turtle Conservation Program and the first ever satellite tracking of loggerhead females that nest on the Gnaraloo coastline. Watch it here.

Gnaraloo Snorkel Guide & Fishes of Ningaloo

Gnaraloo Snorkel Guide by Denise Jenkins

Gnaraloo offers some of the best snorkelling in Western Australia. The Ningaloo Reef passes very close to the shore and it is literally on the doorstep of the 3Mile Campsite of Gnaraloo Station. This amazing little book, by Ms Denise Jenkins, was prepared by her as a specific guide to the fish and other marine life that you are most likely to see whilst snorkelling at Gnaraloo. It has more than 200 photos of over 180 species that were recorded at Gnaraloo. The book is valuable as it gives a good idea of the marine life that you may encounter during your time in the water. It also provides tips and advice to maximize your snorkelling experiences at Gnaraloo and contains suggested snorkel trail maps.

The book can be purchased at the 2 shops at Gnaraloo Station.

Fishes of Ningaloo by Denise Jenkins


Nestled in the Ningaloo Coast World Heritage Area, the unique ecosystems of Gnaraloo are habitat to fascinating animals. The Gnaraloo sea turtles nesting areas, located at Gnaraloo Bay and Gnaraloo Cape Farquhar, are among the few remaining areas in the world where turtles can lay their eggs without any disturbance or pollution. Discover the spectacular beauty of Gnaraloo and help to keep it as it is.

Marine Turtles in Ningaloo Marine Park

Marine Turtles in Ningaloo Marine Park brochure

Ningaloo Marine Park Sanctuary Zones

Ningaloo Marine Park Sanctuary Zones

Colouring pages

To be distributed for free at any educational event. Click on the image to download.

Combi van sea turtle colouring page
Gnaraloo sea turtle colouring page
Turtle colouring page

Recovery Plan for Marine Turtles in Australia

Marine Turtles in Australia

Species Assessment Report for Loggerheads

Assessment of the conservation status of the loggerhead turtle in the indian ocean and south east asia

Light pollution and sea turtle hatchlings

The effect of on-shore light pollution on sea turtle hatchlings commencing their off-shore swim

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Sea turtle conservation

The Gnaraloo Turtle Conservation Program identifies, monitors and protects nesting rookeries of endangered sea turtles on the Gnaraloo coastline.

Scientific reports & papers

Our rigorously researched documents reflect important baseline data on the sea turtles of Gnaraloo and their critical coastal nesting habitat.

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