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4WD Training For Turtles
Mel and Bailey changing tyres

4WD Training for Turtles

To prepare us for all the adventures of driving around Gnaraloo, the turtle team underwent a full day training course on 4WD vehicle operations. This is a nationally accredited course that was conducted by Alan from Day Safe Training.

We began with a morning of theory – including a basic overview of the vehicle, safety procedures, driving to adapt to different conditions, and how to recover vehicles.

The afternoon was when the real fun began! Al took us out to some sandy hills of Gnaraloo. He encouraged us to get deliberately stuck in the red sand, and see if we could successfully do a ‘hill recovery’, then get ourselves over the hill. Numerous attempts were made in a variety of gears, and eventually each driver made it up, up, up…. And over!

We also ran through the steps of changing a tyre – Bailey and I showed off our muscles while the boys looked on.

Overall a fantastic fun-filled day, and a very useful lesson on practical skills that we will need to remember during our time here.

Big thanks to Alan for taking the time to show us how it’s done!

Melissa Tan

4WDrinving at Gnaraloo

Ronan takes the spare tyre from underneath the tray

4WD Jack at Gnaraloo

Toby jacks up the GTCP project vehicle

4WD at Gnaraloo

Bailey changing tyres

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